Welcome Baby: Drawing & Quilting

jungle-elephant No, not MY baby! My sister's baby, which is the next best thing if you ask me. I get to cuddle and snuggle without getting up for 3am feedings. It's lovely to be an aunt. And of course a new baby means new baby gifts. I love to make things for new babies. I typically go way over board with ambitious plans to make every single cute baby thing I've come across in my sewing books and the internet. In this case my sister already asked me to make some art prints for the new nursery. She wanted jungle animals so I decided to take the giraffe illustration I worked on for my ABSPD class and revamp it a little bit. Then I created similar illustrations of an elephant and monkey. I think they turned out pretty cute - I hope she does as well! Since we didn't know the gender of this baby until last week I tried to keep it gender-neutral, which, let's face it, always ends up leaning more toward the "boy" end of the spectrum. But it does match the bedding and wall color, so I think we'll be okay.

jungle-giraffe  jungle-monkey

I didn't know if I was going to get to a sewing project this time around because I've been so busy with other things lately (hello end of the school year!), but once that baby girl arrived last week the first thing I did was come home and dust off my sewing machine. I knew I needed an easy and relatively quick project because I only had two days to complete it before we headed out of town to visit my new niece. I decided to use the adorable scraps of fabric I already had on hand and found directions for this scrap baby quilt from Gingercake. I think I literally did a google search for "easy baby scrap quilt" ( I love the internet!). I cut a few corners on my version: I kept the whole quilt as 5 inch squares to save some cutting time and I also hand tied the quilt with pink yarn versus machine quilting the top. Remember how I'm a lazy and impatient quilter? I also used a variety of colors instead of sticking to one color family. I love the mono-chromatic look of the original, but didn't feel like I had enough to work with in the "pink" family. I also added a few rows to mine to make it a little bit bigger, so it ended up being 7x10 squares or about 32"x45". The turned over backing/binding with the mitered corners worked like a charm and may be my new go-to method for finishing off a quilt. So easy and a great finish. I always love the look of a scrap quilt. They're so colorful, fun, and look handmade in the best way.

claras_quiltWe had some squares leftover so my daughter decided to get in on the action and she made a smaller baby doll quilt for the new baby's 2 year-old sister. Didn't she do well?


Welcome baby girl! We're so glad you're here!