Happy Holidays!

The Christmas holiday season has come 'round again and, all clichés aside, I really do enjoy this time of year. Especially now, when it's early enough that I'm still enamored with all the sparkly lights and not too stressed out (yet). So today's post is all FA LA LA. I have some new products in my Etsy shop for the holiday season (perfect for gift giving, hint, hint.) and they're going fast because I don't make a lot of them! I've also been working on some new holiday art because while I'm usually making Christmas art all year long this is really the easiest and most enjoyable time to make it. New this year, I have some holiday photo cards available with Mpix.com and I'd love for you to check them out if you're sending out family Christmas cards. Finally, the most recent Yellow House Post included some free printable gift tags because I'm a total gift wrap nerd. If you'd like some of your own, subscribe! Or send me a note and I'll make sure you get some. Now I'm off to deck the halls or wassail . . . or something like that.

New Holiday Art!

Holiday Photo cards available at Mpix.com!

Christmas Gift Tags available to  Yellow House Post  subscribers.  Contact me  to get yours!

Christmas Gift Tags available to Yellow House Post subscribers. Contact me to get yours!

Printable Christmas Gift Tags

xmastagstrimmed 'Tis the season, I come bearing gifts today: free printable Christmas gift tags! I really enjoy giving gifts and I also really enjoy wrapping them. I could get lost for hours in the aisles of wrapping paper, ribbon, and tags. I know that's considered the "throw away" part of a gift but I think the way you present a gift can mean just as much as what's inside. And it's fun. No offense to people like my husband who would probably wrap everything in a garbage bag if I let him. So help yourself to the gift tags and go get those presents wrapped! One week to go, people! (Oh, and you can also check out gift tags from previous years on the Freebies page!)

Download Christmas Gift Tags




The most wonderful time of the year

Or maybe it's the busiest, craziest, most stressful, and most hyped up on sugar time of the year. But I choose to ignore all that because otherwise I would never enjoy myself. And I'm bound and determined to enjoy myself at Christmas dammit! It's been a long time since I've been on my blog because I've been so crazy busy. In October/November I was doing the Make Art That Sells (MATS) Part B course, which I promise to do a post about and show you what I was working on. Now I'm right in the thick of Etsy shop holiday rush, which I will absolutely not complain about because it's a great thing to have a lot of orders coming in. I wanted to share with you some of the things available in my shop because they're selling fast and I might not be re-stocking some of the items.


There are five 2016 calendar tea towels, including three new ones for this year: A Street for All Seasons, A Year to Bloom, and Teatime. I also have two desk calendars this year: one is an updated version of A Year of Flowers with new colors and the other is A Vintage Year (as a printed calendar this year instead of a digital download). I also still have some stationery sets in the shop, both blank folded cards and some postcard sets, which make nice stocking stuffers, if I do say so myself. FYI the holiday shipping deadline is next Friday, December 18. After that I can't guarantee Christmas delivery but you can certainly still order for yourself! Visit my SHOP to browse. New products will be coming soon too!

Finally, in the spirit of the season I'm trying to make time to create some new Christmas art that I can add to my portfolio. Below you'll see some of my new art. Follow me on instagram to see the most recent updates on what I'm working on.







I hope you're enjoying yourself this holiday season! I'll be back next week with some free Christmas gift tags for you!

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

gifttagsoverviewWhoa! December strikes again! Where exactly does all my time go this month? If you're like me, your to do list seems never-ending. At the same time I really do enjoy the Christmas season. Twinkle lights, cookies, presents, special music and traditions, did I mention the cookies? It's especially fun with little kids in the house. Instead of "Good Morning" my five-year-old son greets me every morning with something like, "Six days until Christmas!!" I have a little freebie for you today in the spirit of the season: printable gift tags. Download, print on sticker paper (or cardstock), cut out, and attach to all those pretty packages under your tree.


Download your GIFT TAGS.

gifttagsboxI hope you enjoy them! Remember, generally you'll print them "Actual Size" or "Full Size." Letter sized sticker paper is available at most office/craft stores. You can also print on cardstock or a heavier paper like Epson Premium Presentation Paper Matte. Adjust the settings on your printer to a higher quality print for the best results. If you print them on paper you could either tape them on your gifts or punch a hole in the top and tie it onto a ribbon.

If you'd like some gift tags for the kids in your life you can download my Christmas Critters gift tags from last year.

Visit my Etsy shop to purchase and download my latest seasonal download print, "Have Yourself  A Merry Little Christmas." Easy and fun holiday decor for procrastinators and those who like instant gratification (I fall into all of the above categories!)


This December I've also been keeping busy by participating in Faye Brown's Advent Challenge 2014. It's been a really fun way to come up with more Christmas designs that I can hopefully incorporate into future work. You can follow along on Instagram.


And hey, why not sign up for my newsletter for the new year?! My first newsletter just went out this week. There'll be updates, new work, freebies, and special offers about once a month or so. Sign up over there on the right!

After today I'll be on "Christmas Vacation." I told my husband I'm having a company Christmas party this afternoon. Me, myself, and I, having some goodies and maybe a drink.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Everything, however you celebrate the season. See you in the new year!

Woodland Christmas Animals cut & sew ornaments available

xmas_woodland I have so much fun thinking up Christmas projects I'd like to do: decor projects, fabric designs, advent calendars, handmade gifts and goodies. These are the times Pinterest just makes me feel inadequate. My list is far longer than I will EVER have time for, but occasionally I actually complete one of those projects and today I'm sharing one!

I've been wanting to design more cut-and-sew patterns for Spoonflower for awhile. These are designs where the whole project is printed on to fabric and you can just cut out the pieces and sew them together. Spoonflower has an incredible selection of these cut and sew designs: Christmas trees, advent calendars, dolls, toys, ornaments, tote bags, costumes, the list goes on (I've purchased a few myself). I decided to make some Christmas ornaments as a cut and sew project that would fit on one 8 inch swatch of fabric.


I have fond memories of ornaments like this from my parent's Christmas ornament collection. Back in the early years of their marriage, when I was just a baby, these sewn and stuffed ornaments were pretty popular. My Dad also painted a number of wooden ornaments so they could easily fill up our family Christmas tree. I've designed five different woodland animals that can be sewn into Christmas ornaments.


If you'd like to make your own you simply choose the design(s) you want in my Spoonflower shop and order it as an 8x8" test swatch. Here are the links: Woodland Christmas Deer, Raccoon, Fox, Owl, Rabbit. This will work on a number of fabrics - I chose the new eco-canvas but you could also do quilting cotton, linen-cotton canvas, cotton twill, or faux suede. No matter what fabric you choose, a test swatch is always $5. The directions are pretty simple and are included on the swatch. You basically just sew the front and back pieces together with right sides facing, insert a ribbon loop for hanging between the two pieces, and leave a couple inches for turning. You can also add a layer of batting (like I did) or use some fiberfill to stuff the ornament. Then you hand-sew the opening closed, press if needed, and you're done! It's a fairly simple process. But if I'd done a good job taking photos as I sewed these together you could be witness to the time when I sewed the ribbon loop inside out, or the other time when I put the ribbon loop on the outside instead of between the two pieces. These are the silly mistakes I almost always make when sewing. You'll probably also want some kind of tool to help you turn the ornament right side out to get all those "soft corners" turned well. You'll also notice that, since making my samples, I've made an alteration to the deer ornament and made the bottom edge solid instead of going around each leg - you'll thank me for that.


I hope you really enjoy these ornaments - I had a great time designing and making them. Now back to my list!


** By the way, if you'd like to check out other Christmas projects I've done, you can see this blog post that includes some free printable gift tags using the designs I created to make some custom ornaments for my kids and nieces and nephews last year. There's also an "Owl I Want for Christmas" christmas list printable on the Freebies page. Help yourself & happy holidays! **

**** You can't tell, but that first picture up top was taken outside this morning when it was about 10 degrees and I looked like an idiot, freezing my fingers off, taking pictures by the tree in my front yard. You're welcome. ****