Happy Holidays!

The Christmas holiday season has come 'round again and, all clichés aside, I really do enjoy this time of year. Especially now, when it's early enough that I'm still enamored with all the sparkly lights and not too stressed out (yet). So today's post is all FA LA LA. I have some new products in my Etsy shop for the holiday season (perfect for gift giving, hint, hint.) and they're going fast because I don't make a lot of them! I've also been working on some new holiday art because while I'm usually making Christmas art all year long this is really the easiest and most enjoyable time to make it. New this year, I have some holiday photo cards available with Mpix.com and I'd love for you to check them out if you're sending out family Christmas cards. Finally, the most recent Yellow House Post included some free printable gift tags because I'm a total gift wrap nerd. If you'd like some of your own, subscribe! Or send me a note and I'll make sure you get some. Now I'm off to deck the halls or wassail . . . or something like that.

New Holiday Art!

Holiday Photo cards available at Mpix.com!

Christmas Gift Tags available to  Yellow House Post  subscribers.  Contact me  to get yours!

Christmas Gift Tags available to Yellow House Post subscribers. Contact me to get yours!

Printable Christmas Gift Tags

xmastagstrimmed 'Tis the season, I come bearing gifts today: free printable Christmas gift tags! I really enjoy giving gifts and I also really enjoy wrapping them. I could get lost for hours in the aisles of wrapping paper, ribbon, and tags. I know that's considered the "throw away" part of a gift but I think the way you present a gift can mean just as much as what's inside. And it's fun. No offense to people like my husband who would probably wrap everything in a garbage bag if I let him. So help yourself to the gift tags and go get those presents wrapped! One week to go, people! (Oh, and you can also check out gift tags from previous years on the Freebies page!)

Download Christmas Gift Tags




Printable Back to School Name Labels!

Sticker Name Labels - katherinelenius.comIt's back to school time! Hooray! (insert waving Kermit the Frog arms). My kids went back to school yesterday, which is a little early for this area. I know some of you have been back in school for awhile now and some are still waiting but today's printable is for all of you! And psst . . . they're not just for kids. Grown-ups can use them too. Every year I make sticker name labels for my kids so they can label all the stuff they have for school. This type of labeling is more of the decorative variety as opposed to the absolutely necessary labeling, which is the black Sharpie on the water bottle or the mittens. HOW MANY WATER BOTTLES AND MITTENS CAN YOU LOSE? I don't understand it. This year there are two versions, one a little more "girlish," one a little more "boyish" (because I have both) but they are pretty interchangeable. They're designed to print on letter size (8.5x11 inch) paper or sticker paper. Simply cut them out after printing to use them as labels. If you open the pdf file in Adobe Reader you'll see a form field on each label so you can type in the name you want to print. Otherwise you can just write them on there old school (with that handy black Sharpie you already have out).


Download Sticker Name Labels (Floral) Download Sticker Name Labels (Space)

I hope you enjoy the labels and have a great back to school! You can check out previous back to school sticker labels on the Freebies page!

sticker name labels - katherinelenius.com