Happy Holidays!

The Christmas holiday season has come 'round again and, all clichés aside, I really do enjoy this time of year. Especially now, when it's early enough that I'm still enamored with all the sparkly lights and not too stressed out (yet). So today's post is all FA LA LA. I have some new products in my Etsy shop for the holiday season (perfect for gift giving, hint, hint.) and they're going fast because I don't make a lot of them! I've also been working on some new holiday art because while I'm usually making Christmas art all year long this is really the easiest and most enjoyable time to make it. New this year, I have some holiday photo cards available with Mpix.com and I'd love for you to check them out if you're sending out family Christmas cards. Finally, the most recent Yellow House Post included some free printable gift tags because I'm a total gift wrap nerd. If you'd like some of your own, subscribe! Or send me a note and I'll make sure you get some. Now I'm off to deck the halls or wassail . . . or something like that.

New Holiday Art!

Holiday Photo cards available at Mpix.com!

Christmas Gift Tags available to  Yellow House Post  subscribers.  Contact me  to get yours!

Christmas Gift Tags available to Yellow House Post subscribers. Contact me to get yours!

Bunches of bouquets in the shop!

I was having a hard time getting into my groove on Monday so I went back to some flowers I'd painted the week before and started "arranging" them in Photoshop. I actually love arranging flowers in real life (I get that from my Grandma Virginia) and it turns out arranging them digitally is almost as much fun - and they last FOREVER! 

Then I did a couple more! And then I put them in my shop because I really like them and someone else might too.

I suppose one down side is they don't smell as nice as real flowers. I'll just have to wait for spring and summer for that. 

Chit Chat with Show & Tell

My youngest child (my baby!) started first grade this year and every Friday his class has Show & Tell day. Didn't you LOVE show & tell day? Maybe that's just me. I still love show and tell. I suffer from some kind of delusion that other people are going to be interested in stuff I find interesting. I send ridiculous emails to friends and family: "You should listen to this podcast!" "Look at this cute dress I got!" "You've got to try a plumcot! It's a plum and an apricot!" They've probably blocked my email address. But lucky for me I have this blog audience and I can share whatever I want. And if I actually don't have an audience (!) I won't know it anyway because I pay little to no attention to my website statistics. Win! Today's post will be a mix of personal/professional chit chat by way of bulleted lists with a little show & tell of new portfolio pieces.

  • The kids are back in school! Yay! I love the time I get with my kids over the summer but we all function a little better with some routines in place. And we'd been spending a lot of time together. Now the kids are happy and not squabbling as much, I'm back at work and re-adjusting to that schedule, and it's all pretty great.
  • milkweedmeadow
  • I was in issue 8 of MOYO. MOYO is a free online magazine about surface pattern design from the people at Make It In Design. I'm in the student showcase and you can find me on page 104. I've taken all 3 modules of The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design and really found them valuable.
  • la-belle-vie-shoe
  • Every year Spoonflower teams up with a fabric company (this year it's Moda Fabrics) and holds a contest called Fabric 8 where the winner gets a licensing contract for a fabric collection with that company. This year the theme was "Botanical Sketchbook" and I worked really hard on a design but when I went to submit it I had some technical difficulties and by the time I got it uploaded I had MISSED THE DEADLINE by a matter of hours. Insert hysterical sobs here. Seriously. That took awhile to get over but I'll share it here and it's now in my portfolio, called Milkweed Meadow. It features the lovely monarch butterfly, one of my favorites, and the state butterfly of Minnesota - I bet you didn't know that! (Unless of course you live in MN)
  • Butterflies in Bloom
  • I also participated in the Lilla Rogers Studio Global Talent Search this year. This contest is how Lilla (an art agent and Make Art That Sells creator and instructor) finds new artists to represent and unfortunately I didn't make it into the semi-final round but it was still a great experience and above is my entry which was based on a creative brief from Lilla.
  • bloomB
  • My Butterflies in Bloom collection is available in my Spoonflower shop! You can get one yard that has all four designs or you can get each one separately.
  • New prints from my first gallery show are now available in my Etsy shop, including this print, "Bloom." My Etsy shop celebrated it's one year anniversary on August 25! Confetti! Thanks for supporting my shop!
  • I've been working on art that could be used for greeting cards which I think is funny because I spent my high school years working in a Hallmark store (a haunted Hallmark store but that's a different story) and I spent a LOT of time sorting and re-stocking cards. A number of years ago I decided to have a booth at a craft fair and I printed some cards (all hand-drawn) to sell. It was a raging failure but I'm apparently still on the greeting card path and these are a couple of my designs.
  • I've been trying to incorporate more watercolor/painting into my work so I got myself some new watercolor colors: Indigo! Opera Rose! Naples Yellow! I use Winsor & Newton watercolors. Since the kids started school I've also been trying to make sure I make time every (or nearly every) day to paint and/or draw. Usually in the morning, in the quiet, and it's FANtastic. Here's another new pattern that uses some painted elements.
  • holidayhomesChristmas-Cookies-collection
  • I just listened to a fascinating episode of the Radio Lab podcast called The Rhino Hunter. SO interesting. By the way, World Rhino Day is next Tuesday, Sept. 22! I bet you didn't know that! Kiss your favorite rhino. 
  • Who's doing Christmas Shopping?! I should be, but I'm not. I have a ton of things on my own Christmas list though. But I AM trying to add more Christmas/Holiday designs to my portfolio like the ones shown above!
  • nordic-folk-collection
  • So, what do you think about starting sentences with the word "so"? I've noticed it's a writing quirk of mine that I'm trying to eliminate but here's what NPR says about it.
  • And finally, to put an end to my random ramblings, here's a new Nordic "folksy" design inspired by my Danish/Swedish roots that was pretty fun to create.

I hope you've enjoyed my show & tell. That's what I've been up to the past few weeks! See you soon!

New in the Shop!

Happy Friday everyone! I've been busy adding new things to my Etsy and Spoonflower shops over the last few weeks and I thought I'd do a little show & tell for you today. new-spoonflower-fabrics-4_15

Over in my Spoonflower Shop you'll find 15 new fabrics. There are 4 new collections with a couple individual prints. The new fabrics are (from top to bottom): 1) Spring & Hop Collection: Spring & Hop/Spring Garden/Spring Sky/Spring Leaves 2) I Mint to Send you Flowers (this was my entry for the Coral, Mint, Black & White Contest, which came in 11th after community voting) and Lime Going to Send You Flowers 3) Southwest Direction Collection: All Signs Point Southwest (this was entered in the Southwest Baby Bedding Contest) /Southwest Stripes/Southwest Arrows 4) Flora Patina Collection: Flora Patina/Ba Ba Bloom/Checky Dot 5) Casserole Kitchen Collection: Pinch of Pepper/Cutting Board/Olive Drop (this collection was part of my MATS A assignment from week 1)


Some of these are already getting into the hands of Spoonflower customers and I'd love to see what people make with them!


Next up . . . prints! I've added 7 new 8x10" prints to my Etsy shop! A couple of these are older pieces but have never been in my shop and most of them are brand new prints. I'm especially fond of the Spring Bouquet series with the rain boots, umbrella, and bicycle - they were really fun to make. I also like the Stitched Fields print which was based off of a MATS Bootcamp assignment that I painted on a wooden circle. Re-doing it digitally allowed me to fine-tune it a bit and I really like how it turned out.


So check out the shops! Just today I ordered even more products for my Etsy shop and there will be some stationery items coming in another couple weeks! Thanks for visiting my online shops!