Designing for Home

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a true homebody. I love to be at home, to decorate a home, and to take care of a home (although my housekeeping lacks a certain level of enthusiasm). And I find that surrounding my home with things that have meaning to me or that I really enjoy makes my home “fit” me. Which is why I’ve been looking to expand my work into markets like home decor and tabletop. It requires me to think about design and art in a slightly different way but I’m looking forward to creating more art for the home and coming up with product concepts. Here’s a peek at a recent collection I call Citrus Bloom. While warm summer days have just left the building around these parts, these designs make me look forward to next summer.


New season, new work!

We're turning the page to spring here in Minnesota and a little on the early side at that! March is typically still very wintery here but we've had some warm sunny days, my tulips and daffodils are starting to peek out, and I've traded in tall boots for flats! (My true measure of the changing seasons is my choice of footwear) I'm finding that the emerging spring is really helping my work too. I'd been in a bit of a funk since the holidays and not feeling particularly motivated. But lately I've become more productive and what's even better, I'm really liking what's been coming out of my studio. I know that might seem odd because I'm the one making it, but often I find I'm completely surprised by what shows up! I thought it would be a good day to share some of the newest work from my portfolio. I hope the new spring season is bringing you a refreshing change of pace and some inspiration!


This collection was created for my daughter Olivia who (rather inexplicably) loves Paris. I'd bring her there in a heartbeat if I could but in the meantime I made her this art print for her bedroom which has, of course, a Paris theme.


Then I continued with this theme and did one for London as well because that's my favorite international city after spending a semester there in college (WAY back when).


Spring can't arrive without me thinking ahead to my garden! I'm getting really excited to start planting again and this pattern was inspired by a spring garden which is really one of my favorites. It's not all flashy tomatoes and zucchini the size of a Buick, but it's delicate greens, sprouting herbs, pink radishes, and snap pea blooms.



This color palette was inspired by my latest Better Homes and Gardens magazine and their color palette of the year. I just can't stop drawing poppies. Such a happy flower.


And finally, another project for my #52Greetings challenge. I'm going to be practicing some hand lettering in the next few weeks. Happy Spring!