Bunches of bouquets in the shop!

I was having a hard time getting into my groove on Monday so I went back to some flowers I'd painted the week before and started "arranging" them in Photoshop. I actually love arranging flowers in real life (I get that from my Grandma Virginia) and it turns out arranging them digitally is almost as much fun - and they last FOREVER! 

Then I did a couple more! And then I put them in my shop because I really like them and someone else might too.

I suppose one down side is they don't smell as nice as real flowers. I'll just have to wait for spring and summer for that. 

Happy belated Father's Day

While we're on the topic of me finishing things in a timely manner . . . here's an illustration I started shortly before Father's Day and am just getting around to finishing. Ahem. Maybe I'll print it as a card next year! Still playing around with different techniques in digital illustration - it's still all so new to me. This is a combination of an illustration started in Illustrator and finished in Photoshop.

Austen on my mind

Every so often I get in a Jane Austen kind of mood. Sometimes I re-read her novels, often I just overdose on BBC Jane Austen movies. I really love them. In another life I spend my afternoons in empire-waisted dresses, picking flowers from the sunny gardens of my home in the English countryside. Don't you?

Again, I've been playing around with different textures and brushes in Photoshop, using a pencil sketch as the starting point.