Free Printable Valentines!

Heart Balloon Printable Valentines from katherinelenius.comValentine's Day is about a week away and today I have a new free printable for you! This time I've made a page of four valentines that you can print at home and cut apart. With the cost of printer ink being what it is I don't think I'll be printing off thirty of them for my daughter's class, but we WILL be using them for cousins and close friends. valentines

Download Heart Balloon Valentines

I loved getting valentines at school when I was a kid and I'm not exactly sure why. There was the candy of course, but for me I think it had more to do with the exchange of mini pretend mail. But then again, I was the kid who played Post Office with the collection envelopes from church. I still love real mail. Stationery, special cards, and there's nothing better than getting a package in the mail.

Now with my own kids I send them on a treasure hunt every year on Valentine's Day. At the end they get a little present or treat. I did it once and it became an expected tradition every year after. Kids are good at that you know. I'll be doing treasure hunts until they all go to college.

I hope you enjoy the printable and the countdown to Valentine's Day. I figure it's a great excuse for eating chocolate and slathering pink frosting on anything within reach.

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**Printing Notes** As always, you'll get the best quality print at home if you use nice paper (I use Epson Premium Presentation Paper Matte), but you can also use card stock. Adjust the settings on your printer for highest quality (select the type of paper you're using). Print "Actual Size." Cut apart on the light gray lines. For personal use only, please.