Back to School Labels - Free Printable

backtoschool-label-picSchool starts again next week! I'm running the gamut this year, with one starting Kindergarten (?!), one starting middle school (!!), and one in the middle (where she always is). I know a number of you have already done the first day bus stop walk, but around here we're still sharpening pencils, buying new shoes, and labeling stuff. So. much. stuff. I can be a bit of a label addict, really. Maybe it has something to do with being a first born. Mine! That's mine! Once again this year I decided to make up some labels for my kids to use on notebooks and folders and I thought I'd share them with you. They're pretty simple and there are two different styles to choose from. I'm calling them "Dino" and "Flowers" because of the most obvious print, but the other labels are mostly interchangeable depending on what kind of colors your little academic is drawn to.

backtoschoollabels_2014 backtoschoollabelsB_2014

You can download the printables here: Back to School Labels Flower and Back to School Labels Dino.

Some notes on printing:

  • The labels are sized for an 8.5x11 inch sheet of paper or sticker paper.
  • If you're using sticker paper simply cut around each label. There should be enough room for a small white margin.
  • When I printed mine at home my printer wanted to "Fit" the labels so the little preview box got all the labels nicely inside the printable area, but when I printed them with that setting they came out smaller. When I selected "Actual Size" they printed just fine even though the preview looked poor. So you might have to experiment, maybe print on a plain sheet of paper first. Each printer will vary - colors may vary slightly too. You can always adjust your color setting if you want to.

As always, these are for personal use only, please. Check out my Back to School Sticker Labels from last year for even more labeling fun. Here's hoping all your students have a great start to school.