Designing for Home

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a true homebody. I love to be at home, to decorate a home, and to take care of a home (although my housekeeping lacks a certain level of enthusiasm). And I find that surrounding my home with things that have meaning to me or that I really enjoy makes my home “fit” me. Which is why I’ve been looking to expand my work into markets like home decor and tabletop. It requires me to think about design and art in a slightly different way but I’m looking forward to creating more art for the home and coming up with product concepts. Here’s a peek at a recent collection I call Citrus Bloom. While warm summer days have just left the building around these parts, these designs make me look forward to next summer.


MATS Bootcamp for May: Crustaceans!

I've been back in MATS Bootcamp this month and this time it was all about crustaceans! Our home decor assignment was to create a design suitable for plates with a "Marine Mashup" theme, using crustaceans paired with colorful patterns. Lila gave us some examples of this trend that she's seen in shops and I noticed these examples at Anthropologie and Sur la Table: Anthropologie: Clambake Canape


Anthropologie: Under the Sea Serveware

Sur la Table: Americana Coastal Collection

Of course nautical themes and seafood icons always seem to come back around leading into summer. They make me think of summer picnics, lobster boils on the beach, and butter dripping off my chin. I live right in the middle of the country so I naturally love lobster and crab legs . . . mmmm. . . It must be because I was born in Rhode Island. Crustaceans were surprisingly fun to draw, with all their fun shapes and little legs.


I didn't have a lot of time to dedicate to Bootcamp this month because I've been working a part-time gig for about three weeks this month to make some extra cash. I think it worked to my advantage this time because I had to work fast and that meant I couldn't really spare the time to overthink what I was doing and spend too much time changing things over and over and over again. I actually like to work fast because it jives with my short attention span. I love to sit down and finish (or nearly finish) things in one sitting.


After some pencil sketches and watercolor painting I brought everything into Illustrator and Photoshop to make my mash up. I started working in blues and turquoise but then added some coral/red on the computer because I like that really classic summer color combination, without it getting too "stars & stripes." I added some additional textures and patterns and then mocked them up onto a plate and platter.


I also made a simple napkin print and then worked my designs into a surface pattern print just for fun.


There you have it: my Marine Mashup! June is the last month of Bootcamp and the first month of summer, so bring on the butter!