Print & Pattern Nature

Last week I received my copy of the new Print and Pattern Nature book by Bowie Style (Marie Perkins). And there I am on page 128! 


I've been a long time fan of the beloved Print and Pattern blog that Marie curates and I've collected all the other editions of her books. So when I saw that she was accepting submissions for a new book (with the theme of Nature), I eagerly sent her some pieces. I was completely surprised and elated to find out that I'd been selected to be included. My family can attest to the happy dance lap I did around the kitchen. Marie was terribly sweet and wonderful to work with too. The book has been long in coming (I first heard about being selected back in September 2015) so it was really exciting to see it completed and to hold it in my hands.


I'm completely honored to be alongside some of my design heroes. The book is simply beautiful and if you enjoy print, pattern, surface design, and illustration, you'll find endless inspiration inside the pages of this book. It's available, of course, on Amazon. Published by Laurence King Publishing.