What I've been up to: the mid-week wrap-up!

It feels a bit like a Friday here because my kids have a little fall break from school for the next two days. We'll be in full on Friday mode later tonight, which basically means pizza movie night. It also means I'll probably be getting very little done in the next couple days. We have some important things on our to-do list like clean the basement, finalize Halloween costume ideas, and go to McDonald's. So consider this kind of a weekly wrap-up as well. What have I been up to? First off, there are new things coming to the shop! I ordered a lot of fabric from Spoonflower this week which will magically turn itself into tea towels. I'm hoping they will be available in time for holiday shopping! That also means there will be some new patterns available in my Spoonflower shop shortly. I'm also finishing up a 2015 desktop calendar for the shop as well. As of today there is also a new digital download print available in my Etsy shop! You know I love the instant gratification of a download and there are some print ideas/illustrations I work on that I think lend themselves well to that kind of product. You can find, purchase, and download Enjoy the Journey in my Etsy shop.


This particular print had been an idea of mine for awhile but I was also working on a typography testimonial for The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design this week. In the process of creating that I came up with this color scheme and pattern (this pattern also makes an appearance in my 2015 calendar) and decided to moosh (technical term) the two together - ta da! My testimonial is about my experience with Module 1 this past spring and is also a submission to a contest Make It In Design is currently holding. I really enjoyed the project and coming up with this little collection of inspirational objects.



I also tried something completely new last weekend and submitted some designs to minted.com. Minted (which you're probably familiar with) is an online marketplace for independent designers. They sell custom invitations and photo cards, paper products, wall art, and home decor. There are beautiful designs on Minted and I've always towed with the idea of entering one of their competitions. They have public voting as well as judges who select designs that are then offered to purchase through the Minted website. They're currently seeking out designs for digital invitations and since they're looking for a lot of new designs I thought it was a good opportunity to get my feet wet. The competition will surely be stiff so I have very low expectations but it was so fun with come up with my invites. I've always loved graphic design - it was my profession of choice back around 8th grade. I make totally unnecessary birthday party invitations for my kids every year and I also designed our family Christmas card last year. I still have a lot to learn in that area - I'm primarily self-taught - but it's something I could see myself doing. You'll find a little badge over on the sidebar - if you'd like to vote for my designs you can do so by clicking on that link! Here are my designs:

boyscamo letsgetcrafty valentine

That's about all for now! That pizza's not going to order itself. See you next week!