Weekly Wrap Up: busy, busy!

Here we are at the end of another week! I wanted to check in quick with some of the things I've been up to lately. kidrockets

First off, I have an entry in the Spoonflower contest this week. The theme is "Rockets" and I was inspired by the rockets (and all sorts of other crazy creations) my kids make from our recycling bin. I actually collect a lot of interesting boxes and containers and put them in a big box so my kids can make whatever their creative little brains come up with. Every time we get a big package with some of those hard formed cardboard inserts my son Ben yells, "Castle!" It's the cause of a lot of eye rolling from my husband when he notices me eyeing the recycling bin with interest. You can vote for my design, Imagination Rockets, over here until next Wednesday!


I signed myself up to participate in the Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells Bootcamp this year. Lilla is a well-known and respected art agent and she teaches an online course called Make Art That Sells (which I'd like to take later this year if the stars align) and Bootcamp is a spin-off from that. Each month there's an assignment with a different theme, focused on a different art market. For January the theme was Edwardian brooches (?!) and we were to create a journal cover. I'll admit I didn't really know where to take this one and like what sometimes happens to me, I just couldn't get a good idea to run with. So while I'm not terribly inspired by my final creation, I'm still loving Bootcamp and I can't wait for next week when we get a new mini assignment. Online you can see the entire January Bootcamp gallery - there are hundreds of artists from all over the world participating, which is incredible.


While we're talking online art classes and communities, I'm currently working on the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design Module 3 course. We're focusing on all kinds of great things like licensing, freelancing, and manufacturing. I created the collection above, Party Paper, as a gift ware concept. Now wouldn't you like to see that on gift wrap? Yeah, me too. I still have a couple weeks left of the course but I'll try to do a re-cap when we've finished and do some show & tell.


I also got some fun news this week! One of my designs was voted into the Minted.com website! A couple months back they had a contest for digital invitation designs and my "Let's Get Crafty" design was selected. This was the first time I entered a Minted contest, but it won't be the last! I'll soon have a Minted "store" and hopefully I can add designs to it through future contests. If you've never checked out the Minted website, be sure you do. Sooo many beautiful invitations plus wonderful artwork, fabric, and party ware.

Okay! That about does it for this Friday afternoon! Have a wonderful weekend!