Source your own Inspiration: Color

This past week I've been tuning in to a Creative Live class called Design Surface Patterns from Scratch with Bonnie Christine. Bonnie Christine is the author of the Going Home to Roost blog and a surface pattern designer to boot! I fell in love with her Sweet as Honey fabric collection from Art Gallery fabrics awhile ago. I'm really enjoying her class - I still have to go back and watch some sessions but I appreciate her attitude, her spirit, and her approach to design - it's been really inspiring. One of the topics she touched on in the first day of class was sourcing your own inspiration. She talked about how easy it is to rely on google and sites like Pinterest when designing and how she advocates for being your own source of inspiration. Get out there and take your own pictures, find your own color palettes, be your own original and primary source. While I can obviously still see the value of collecting images online for inspiration (which I think she also sees merit in), I like the concept of taking an idea from the very beginning. I also think it helps build the "story" of your design. Anyway, I've made it a goal to try to incorporate this idea into my work. So I went back and did a search of my photographs to find some pictures I might be able to use as color palettes. I love to use color palettes from sites like Design Seeds and I thought I would have a go at making my own color palette. I am by NO means a great photographer (although I am trying to learn more about that) so I know I won't have gorgeous photos to work from, but it's a start. dahlia

I'm lucky enough to live very close to an arboretum and it's one of my favorite places to visit. I often take an embarrassing amount of pictures of flowers. This photo is of a dahlia from last summer that I thought was really beautiful. I hope you enjoy my palette!