October desktop wallpaper

Holy cow, it's October. Time's a flyin'. October means Halloween is coming up and around here we're in our first round of costume proposals. This is when Ben, the four-year-old, says he wants to be a gila monster (a kind of lizard if you don't watch Wild Kratts religiously like Ben does) and I say no. I like Halloween, I like it better now that I have kids. We even have a big Halloween open house/party for trick-or-treaters, friends, and family. But I don't want my house to look like a Halloween party for 30 more days than it has to. By extension, this wallpaper is for the more fall focused desktop because what I love, is fall. Fall weather, fall colors, it's my favorite season, and October is the best fall has to offer. I hope you enjoy this view almost as much as you enjoy the view out your window.

You can download the full size (2560x1440px) here