New in the Shop!

Happy Friday everyone! I've been busy adding new things to my Etsy and Spoonflower shops over the last few weeks and I thought I'd do a little show & tell for you today. new-spoonflower-fabrics-4_15

Over in my Spoonflower Shop you'll find 15 new fabrics. There are 4 new collections with a couple individual prints. The new fabrics are (from top to bottom): 1) Spring & Hop Collection: Spring & Hop/Spring Garden/Spring Sky/Spring Leaves 2) I Mint to Send you Flowers (this was my entry for the Coral, Mint, Black & White Contest, which came in 11th after community voting) and Lime Going to Send You Flowers 3) Southwest Direction Collection: All Signs Point Southwest (this was entered in the Southwest Baby Bedding Contest) /Southwest Stripes/Southwest Arrows 4) Flora Patina Collection: Flora Patina/Ba Ba Bloom/Checky Dot 5) Casserole Kitchen Collection: Pinch of Pepper/Cutting Board/Olive Drop (this collection was part of my MATS A assignment from week 1)


Some of these are already getting into the hands of Spoonflower customers and I'd love to see what people make with them!


Next up . . . prints! I've added 7 new 8x10" prints to my Etsy shop! A couple of these are older pieces but have never been in my shop and most of them are brand new prints. I'm especially fond of the Spring Bouquet series with the rain boots, umbrella, and bicycle - they were really fun to make. I also like the Stitched Fields print which was based off of a MATS Bootcamp assignment that I painted on a wooden circle. Re-doing it digitally allowed me to fine-tune it a bit and I really like how it turned out.


So check out the shops! Just today I ordered even more products for my Etsy shop and there will be some stationery items coming in another couple weeks! Thanks for visiting my online shops!