MIID Summer School finale!

medallion-wallpaperI wrapped up the Make It In Design Summer School this week! I will freely admit I did not get to put in a lot of time on this final brief. Last week was our last "free" week before school started so the kids and I tried to squeeze every last drop of fun out of summer as we could. It was wonderful and we had a lot of fun, but I didn't get much work done. Nevertheless I still wanted to make an effort to finish off the course. For better or worse, this is what I came up with. nest nest-wallpaperFor the Intermediate brief: "Feathers" I took a departure from how I usually work and Ben and I did some painting. I used watercolors to work on some feathers and a little nest. I took them into Illustrator even though I knew it wouldn't turn out exactly how I wanted it to. Given some more time I would probably change my approach but it was still a worthy experiment!

My kitchen table studio.

flyThe Advanced Brief was "Intricate Chaos" - would that make a good band name, or what? Short on time I pulled out a medallion motif I've worked on before. I came up with some variations, added a couple new ones, and played with re-coloring them to get to this final design. I think both of these designs work against my normal style a little bit, mainly because of the color palette, but it was still a good learning experience.

medallionAll in all, MIID Summer School was a lot of fun and it "forced" me to get out of my comfort zone and get some designing done, even in the face of camps and picnics and trips to the park. Thanks Make It In Design! You'll be able to view all the galleries of student work on the Make It In Design Summer School website.