MIID Summer School begins!

MIID_SUMMERSCHOOLAfter I completed Module 1 of the Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design course earlier this year they announced they would be doing a free "summer school" in August. They're sending out three creative brief assignments at three different levels. I of course signed up immediately because I like working from creative briefs. I'm a give me some direction and a deadline, please, kind of person. Plus my two big goals for myself this summer were to open my etsy shop and to work on building my portfolio. I'm doing so so on both fronts. It is summer, after all. I always forget how easily time gets gobbled up in the summer. Well the MIID Summer School began last week so I thought I'd share a little of my work here. I will say this: it was really difficult to get started again. I had a really hard time grasping the themes, which focused around a retro/tropical geometric and a water rays inspired pattern. They both felt a little out of my comfort zone and for whatever reason I was not falling all over ideas. And I got a little stressed out over trying to "make them my own." BUT that's exactly why I need practice like this. I eventually just had to ignore my distracted, overly critical brain and hammer something out.


Some sketches, doodles, scratches, swirls and dabs of paint. I found with the geometric pattern I liked working on the computer more directly because I could move pieces around like a puzzle. It seems like I fall upon geometric patterns rather accidentally, so I'm rolling with that.

Retrogeocollage Waterrayscollage

I really enjoy making up moodboards when I'm having trouble coming up with a starting point and these are examples of some quick and dirty moodboards I created using an app on my iPad called PicCollage. Apologies that I don't have photo credits for the images above. Now here are my final submissions. First: the Retro Geometric, then mocked up as a swimsuit and, because I didn't completely like it as a suit, a beach tote. This theme was giving me a hard time, so I'm not totally in love with the end result, but hey, that happens.

retrogeo retrogeobeach

Now the second submission for the Water Rays theme. In the end I think I like how this one turned out. I love the look of watercolor splotches and the indigo trend that's making the rounds. I was also inspired by that pic above with all the intricate hand stitching and I reinterpreted it as water swirls.



Now it's on to week 2 of Summer School on Monday! Even with all my troubles getting started and frustration I'm still having a great time and connecting with some great people.