Good Start!

MIIDPPSCHOLARSHIP What a great way to start the week! It's sunny, it's warm (if you consider the 40s warm, which I do), and I found out that I got shortlisted in the top 50 applicants for the Make It In Design Scholarship! Make It In Design is a well known website and resource for surface pattern designers and every year they offer a scholarship to their popular "Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design" online course in partnership with the Print & Pattern Blog. They also provide the relatively new MOYO directory of designers. I would love, love, love, to take some of their courses but they're a little ca-ching (a.k.a. big investment), so the scholarship would be wonderful. I still think it's quite a long long shot that I will actually win the scholarship, BUT I was super psyched (can a woman in her thirties still use that word without sounding ridiculous?) to be in the Top 50. There were over 300 applicants from over 39 countries.

They announce the winner tomorrow, but for now I'm very much content with today. I celebrated all of the above with a hot fudge sundae. Yes, I did.