Giggle & BOO! A free Halloween printable game


Mwah-ha-ha-ha! . . . that's my evil scary laugh in type-talk. I'm sure the true effect doesn't come across very well on the screen. We're a week out from Halloween which means I'm stressing out because our annual Halloween party is coming up and I need to clean our perpetually messy house. I'm knee deep in costume creation, which is a combined effort of thrift store purchases and from-scratch sewing on my part. This year the work load isn't too bad but my middle daughter wants to be a fox (?) and I unknowingly bought some truly evil fabric that sheds little orange fluffs EVERY.WHERE. All that aside, the shorties are getting pretty excited about Halloween.


Even though I had a lengthy to-do list this week I got the itch to make something fun and printable for Halloween. And I think a week ahead of time is rather extraordinary for me! I'm not exactly sure how the idea came about but my middle daughter (the "fox") loves those little paper fortune-teller games. So here's a Halloween version but instead of a fortune the kids get something silly to do at the end, like "Say Trick-or-Treat 5 times fast." I hope the little costumed creatures in your life enjoy playing. Happy Halloween!



Download Halloween Giggle & Boo Game

* Can be printed on regular paper or card stock. The card stock option is a little more durable but harder to fold and not as easy to pinch in and out if you're like my daughter and want to do it one-handed. Print "Actual Size." Personal use only please, or witches and vampires will be after you.