Furniture Forest: Spoonflower contest

FurnituresketchI wanted to share that I have an entry in this week's Spoonflower contest: Tables & Chairs. It's been about four months since I entered a Spoonflower contest. I decided to stop for awhile because, frankly, I was starting to care too much about how I did in the contests! If you're also a designer does this happen to you? Mostly I love the Spoonflower contests because I think it's such a great way to generate ideas every week, it's fun to see all the different takes on the theme, and it's exciting to participate in the community - a very supportive community at that. I had some serious beginner's luck when I first started using Spoonflower and my design came in third for the tea towel calendar contest last November. It was only maybe the second or third time I'd even uploaded anything to Spoonflower, I'd only figured out how to make repeating patterns a month or two before that. And it was incredible! I sold a lot of fat quarters & yardage of that calendar design and it was a very affirming and confidence building experience for me, as someone who was still early on in figuring out if this was a path I wanted to follow. But then I started to get disappointed when my designs wouldn't do as well. It started to become a source of anxiety and discouragement. So I had to put myself on a little time out. I know I'm not alone in taking these kind of things too personally - even though I know I shouldn't! Those imagined outside perceptions can influence my work too much.

This time I'm ready to get back at it, with a new perspective and attitude. I'm going to re-vamp my Spoonflower shop to showcase the designs I'm most proud of and I'm only going to do contests if the subject matter engages me. Hopefully I'll be able to stop putting so much weight on the final standings as well.

Furniture ForestWell that's a long-winded way of showing you my design for this contest! I'm SO happy with this one, regardless of how well it does. For the theme of "tables & chairs" I looked at antique furniture both in my own home and from a local shop I really like. Then, using a very hand drawn style, I planted them all in a forest - a living and growing forest of furniture. Kind of playful, it speaks to my love of old things and their longevity. I hope you like it too.

You can VOTE in the Spoonflower contest here. Voting goes from today through next Wednesday, Oct. 1.