Friday Grab Bag

A random collection of bits from my week.

While my kids went back to school so did I, in a manner of speaking. I started perusing the online classes available at Skillshare and within a couple of days had signed up for two! So far I'm really liking both. One is for making patterns in Illustrator & one is about digital illustration.

For when those aforementioned kids came home from school I tried a new recipe found in Woman's Day magazine: Chocolate Cream-Filled Sandwich Cookies and, I have to say, they were as good as they looked. In a word: YUM.

This is not a new movie, but I had a recommendation to watch the documentary Helvetica. Actually very interesting, for a movie that's about what I would consider a rather boring typeface. I have a newfound respect for it.

I picked up these vintage patterns, which I loved for the design on the cover but I also think I might try to sew them. The dress especially looks really cute - it's called the "Jiffy Dress", how hard can it be?

I also added this Foldover Tote (from The Sewing Rabbit) to my never ending list of things I want to sew. Found the link, along with other bags I'd like to try, via How About Orange.

Finally, I did this little sketch above in honor of the Back to School theme of this week. Whew, we made it.