Everyday Design: Bandages

bandaids I was thinking the other day about the designs that surround me everyday. What I love about surface pattern design is that the patterns, the artwork, finds its way onto objects and materials that make up our everyday lives: dish towels, notebooks, the lining of your purse, . . . BandAids.

This time of year our family goes through a lot of bandages. I have three young kids and in addition to their regular dry skin (I come from a long line of itchy and scratchy people), during the summer their legs are a constellation of bug bites, scabs, scrapes, and bruises. You'd think they were cage fighting in the afternoons instead of riding their bikes and scooters. So I was getting out another bandage and I was struck by the design on the bandage. We have a collection of bandages from Target (the Up and Up store brand) and have recently discovered IKEA sells bandages (!) and you can get about a million of them for 75 cents. Of course you can find bandages with any number of well known cartoon characters on them, but I really like the designs I find on these store brands. How does a funny character or bright color combination make getting a scrape a little more pleasant experience? I started thinking about how design shows up in the oddest places - in the everyday.

I'm going to try to make this a regular/semi-regular/every once in awhile series. Looking for design in the everyday, those objects we surround ourselves with all the time and maybe even take for granted and don't think about how design is playing a role. Look around and see where you find design today.