Back to (still in?) school!

free-flowing-bee-floral-update I think I'm one of those people who could take classes forever. When I'm really interested in something I love learning more . . . and a class forces me to do it. I crave the direction, the focus, the purpose. And let's face it, the inner people pleaser in me (she's strong, that one) responses well to assignments to complete (even when there's no grade involved) and showing what I've done. I also get very hung up on doing things "the right way,"  which I sometimes should just get over, already. So when it comes to designing patterns and layouts I felt very unschooled in how to do it. And if I want to pursue this professionally, I want to know what I'm doing. It's also a great way to gain confidence, develop my style, complete more work, build my portfolio, and get myself out there meeting other designers and showing my work.

My latest educational adventures came right on top of each other. About a month ago I signed up for a Textile Design Lab subscription though Pattern Observer. As part of my subscription I'm able to take two of their online courses: The Ultimate Guide to Repeats and The Sellable Sketch. I completed UGTR last week and I just started The Sellable Sketch this week. Last week I also started The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design Module 1 course from Make It In Design (this is the course I won when I entered their scholarship competition). I'm having such a great time in all of the courses and learning so much. For today I thought I'd share some of my work from the first course, The Ultimate Guide to Repeats. We worked on set, tossed, and free flowing layouts. I used the course working files as a starting point and then created my own designs. For example, the set layout example lesson was a medallion print so I did the same style and general layout but created my own medallion. I found this an easier way to work because it took away the stress of trying to come up with a completely new idea from scratch while I was mainly working on the layout, but all the artwork is mine.

I'll post more homework from my other classes soon! Thanks for indulging in my show and tell.